Golf GPS Review: Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Golf GPS Review: Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

The Garmin Approach S2 is a comfortable and stylish golf watch with a built-in GPS to give highly accurate data on the golf course. The S2 is a useful choice to help measure shot distances for the most precise strikes and increase the ability to avoid on course hazards. Plus, this golf watch is fitted with a useful course odometer to keep track of the distance covered.

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The S2 is much-like the ever popular Garmin Approach S1 unit, but the S2 take things to the next level with its digital scorecard and dogleg and lay-up distances.

GPS Features

  • Preload Courses – The Garmin S2 is preloaded with 40,000 golf courses that span the entire globe. Plus, it includes free lifetime updates.
  • Long Battery Life – This GPS device has the ability to hold enough power the easily get around the golf course once or twice. In its GPS mode, the battery life is 8 hours, but in regular watch mode, the battery life can last for up to 3 weeks.
  • GPS Receiver – The golf watch is built with a highly sensitive GPS received to pick up a strong and reliable signal at all times. It even works when attempting to track distance while standing under trees
  • Precise Yardages – Great usability for the entire round with accurate yardages to the green (front, back and middle), as well as dogleg and lay-up distances. Plus, there is the option to calculate the precise yardage to any location on the course.
  • Sleek Design – The Approach S2 is comfortable, lightweight and flexible for regular day-to-day wear. It is rugged and water-resistant (up to 10 m) for outdoor play.

The S2 colorful watch is a great balance of simplicity and information and goes a long way to help improve the all-round performance on the golf course. Whether you are at home or at a holiday resort, this GPS device is more than likely to have the course data ready for you to access.

The Good

  • Great display that is easy to use and read
  • Very useful for keeping score on it
  • Course data is highly dependable and accurate
  • Battery life is great (most courses are completed with less than 50% of the power)
  • Useful odometer
  • Friendly and very timely support from Garmin

The Bad

  • Not the easiest to load the scorecards from the watch to the laptop
  • Only has a USB connector to recharge


A great tool for the golf course, the Approach S2 is the perfect piece of kit for the golfer interested in basic information and GPS at a relatively affordable price. Once in use, this golf product can certainly help speed up the pace of play. It is more practical than the scope distance finders and smartphone apps, and it is always on so instantly ready to use. The many good points of the S2 by far outweigh the few negatives.

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