GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS Review: Don’t Let Its Size Fool You!

GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS Review

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS is a technical marvel that is feature-rich and gives instant access to over 30,000 pre-loaded courses. The courses are based around the world so you are covered whether playing at home or an exotic destination on the other side of the world. An awesome feature of the GolfBuddy is the clear voice that tells you the distance and it has a vibrant user-interface and easy to use design.

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GPS Features

  • Audio Information – One of the most unique features of the GolfBuddy is the ability to give audio distance information (8 different languages spoken). The voice is a computer sounding female voice which is clear and very easy to understand. There is also the option to turn down the voice and simply look at the display screen with its big numbers.
  • Preloaded Courses – the GolfBuddy is packed with 30,000 pre-loaded courses from across the world. Plus, there is no yearly subscription fee for updates which is very pleasing with this type of golfing aid.
  • Accurate Yardage – It is built to give great shot distance measurements and easily reads the distance from the front, center, or back of the green. It may not be practical for the near or full pro level golfer because it gives data to the front, center or back of the green, and not the precise yardage to the flag. However, for the amateur, this is often absolutely perfect.
  • Compact Size – the GolfBuddy Voice GPS is simple to use and very small. It is easy to handle and carry around the golf course.

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If you are after a GPS device that simply gives accurate and reliable distance to the pin, the GolfBuddy is certain to make an appealing choice. It doesn’t have the longest list of features and functions that can leave a golfer feeling quite distracted during their golf round.

The Good

  • Easy to turn on and use
  • Great, readable and bright display
  • A useful volume control; clear voice and sound quality
  • Lightweight construction

The Bad

  • Battery charge isn’t the longest (about 75% used per 18-hole round)


Great little device, the GolfBuddy is a simple piece of kit that lets you know loud and clear the distance from the green. It is convenient, reliable and easy to use. It is practical to clip to your hat or other item of clothes and simply tells the distance to the middle of the green. For the non pro player, this GPS device is a first-class choice.